Sweater Weather Braids Hair Tutorial

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Break out the sweaters cause it’s sweater weather!
Honestly the right hairstyle makes your look feel complete, so I  am back with another gorgeous styling option to help you always feel your best!

Read the steps below and then let me know in the comments which hairstyle you’d like to see next?

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Kassinka Sweater Weather Braids Hair Tutorial

Hope you enjoy this tutorial!


kassinka Loose Waves

Starting off with extra loose waves but any hair texture will work for this particular style.


Next I sectioned off my hair in to two parts, making it loose not tight.

Kassinka Fishtail Braid Tutorial

I started each braid with a fishtail braid.


then about an inch or two down I spited the two sections in to three to start a three-strand braid.

kassinka brading tutorial

After braiding an inch or two of a three-strand braid I switched back to a fishtail braid.

Kassinka Pig-tails

I continued these steps on both braid and made a slight pattern, I like the look of fuller braids so I pulled them apart for a fuller look.



Thank-you for reading!

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Sweater Weather Braids Hair Tutorial

By Kassandra Poleshuk