How To Slay A Top-Knot

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Don’t want to commit to a full updo? Try half up and half down for a casual look.

I  created this hair tutorial to help you always feel your best & look amazing. Read the steps below and then let me know in the comments which hairstyle you’d like to see next?

Luxy Hair Extensions

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Follow the full tutorial below ♥ →

kassinka-messy-hairStarting with full loose waves & wearing my full set of Luxy Hair Extensions ! Fullness is important for this hairstyle otherwise it will look to flat another great tip is to tease and hairspray your entire hair to make it appear fuller!kassinka-hair-tutorial-bun Secondly I am sectioning of my hair from the top and making sure not to pull it to tight because i want a messier look & also keeping my part visible. You just gotta poof it a little!kkassinka-simple-tutorialTaking this section I am going to twist it around as much as I can to form the bun, I feel like the more you twist the more secure your bun will be.kassinka-simple-top-knotThen with the twist you want to wrap it around in a circle on the top of your head, at this point I don’t want to worry how it looks because I want to make sure it is secure enough. I only used bobby pins to hold it in to place but using an elastic will be better!kassinka-how-to-top-knotAfter i have secured it I went around my bun and pulled out sections so it looked fluffier. The more I pulled it out I noticed I have to go back in with bobby pins to help it stay in to place. Kassinka-Top-KnotHere is my completed top-knot. Honestly pulling it apart gets you this look plus extensions for fullness!kassinka-half-up-top-knotThe side view! Important note: make sure you don’t pull the sides to tight in the first step to create this loose look.Kassinka-top-knot-tutorial kassinka-bun-tutorial

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How To Slay A Top-Knot

By Kassandra Poleshuk


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