Messy Top Knot Hair Tutorial

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This simple style takes the standard top knot look to something fashionable. With a few easy-to-master steps and a couple of hair pins add a little something special, so you’ll feel polished while embracing the mess.

While this bun serves as a fun party updo, it’s a classic style that’s suitable for everyday wear too. With this stone hair piece at the top of your head it makes a standard top knot stand out. This simple trick is perfect for disguising a bad hair day and it’ll get heads turning.

Follow this tutorial below to learn how to make simple this simple hairstyle!


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Hair Accessory: Kitsch


FINISHED LOOK messy top knot 

Start by brushing hair throughout, then section off at the crown of your head.Using an elastic create a ponytail then loop it, this will help secure the bun so it won’t fall out.Tighten the loop until it feels secure.Then twist the bun around and secure with bobby pins, I used about 5 bobby pins to hold it in place.When creating a messy bun there is not right or wrong way, it’s suppose to look undone. You can also add some dry shampoo or texture spray to help it hold.I have also pulled the bun apart a little to it feels fuller.Next I am going to add this beautiful hair piece from Kitsch.Kitsch Kitsch Kitsch Kitsch Kitsch Kitsch Kitsch Kitsch Kitsch Kitsch KitschTHANK-YOU so much for reading



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Messy Top Knot Hair Tutorial

By Kassandra Poleshuk


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