Large Braid Hair Tutorial

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This simple style takes the standard braid look to something that will stand out. With a few easy-to-master steps and a couple of hair pins add a little something special, so you’ll feel polished while embracing the mess.

While this braid serves as away to pull hair back, it’s also a classic style that’s suitable for many looks. Follow this tutorial below to learn how to make this simple hairstyle!

FOLLOW THE FULL TUTORIAL BELOW Start with freshly washed and combed hair.
Divide the hair into 3 sections and braid a 3 strand braid. Make sure each section is the same width. Then take the braids and carefully pull it apart, this is an optional step. I always love the look of a fuller braid. The take these three sections and braid them together. Making sure to braid them pretty loosely. Finish off with hairspray and tie it with clear elastics. THANK-YOU for reading! xoxo


Comments: 9

  • sara nena

    Woooow this maxi braid is unbelievable, i have to try

  • Kim king


  • Stephanie

    I have to try this I am absolutely in love and I wish I could find out where to get the lights to go in the hair! I cannot French braid to save my life but things like this I could do I just hope it comes out as beautiful as it did on you!

  • Stephanie

    I am absolutely in love with this hairstyle. I cannot French braid to save my life which I wish I could but with this style I definitely think I could do I wish I could find out how to do the lights in your hair in case I want to something formal.

  • Brandt Campbell

    I absolutely love this soft look!! Will be trying tomorrow!

  • Kassandra

    Thank-you so much! I hope it worked out for you, let me know if you have any questions 🙂

  • Kassandra

    Thank-you so much Stephanie! & I just braided the lights through my hair at the same time, and I put the battery pack in my back pocket!

  • Kassandra


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Large Braid Hair Tutorial

By Kassandra Poleshuk


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