Benefits of a Silk Pillow Case

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Nourish your skin and unlock your natural beauty. Have effortless mornings and lush hair – Majesty Silk have created luxurious pillowcases free from harsh chemicals to help us feel more beautiful every morning.



Egyptian cotton cannot compare to how smooth silk pillowcases are. The gentleness of silk pillowcases prevent split-ends and hair breakage.


Made from silk that was once exclusive to the Great Emperors of China. Handcrafted using 2,000 year old techniques, each Majesty Silk pillowcases is inspected by a team of highly skilled artisans. The best pillowcase in the world deserves the best craftmenship.


Below is an unedited hair selfie I took after sleeping on the pillow case for a couple of nights, I noticed subtle changes in my hair textured and softer skin with less puffy-ness. I feel that overtime I will notice more changes! I am excited to continue this journey!


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Benefits of a Silk Pillow Case

By Kassandra Poleshuk


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