Thanksgiving Braid

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Happy Thanksgiving <3

This simple style is really easy to do. With a few easy-to-master steps and patience you will add a little something special to your hair, so you’ll feel polished while embracing the family & friends.

Follow this tutorial below to learn how to make simple this braided hairstyle!


Luxy Hair Seamless clip-ins in the shade “Platinum Blonde”⇢ use code ” kassandra” for a discount





I’ve clipped in my full set of Luxy Hair extensions & curled everything with a 2 inch curling wand for more texture. pre-curling hair before you braid will help add fullness!  Next I am going to grab a one inch section right above my ear, I also made sure to brush it so it is tangle free. Then I divided it in to three equal sections. And started braiding a three strand braid. Making sure I braid it loosely by pulling down as I braid. After I am done braiding I secured it with a clear elastic & then pulled the braid apart just a bit. This is an optional step! Next I take this braid and pull it over and above my head, to create a braided headband. Before I secured it I made sure I had some face framing pieces. I then took two bobby pins to secure it behind my other ear in an X. Love braided headbands! Ok so! For the larger braid I started by taking three equal sections about halfway down my hair. I took these sections and started doing a regular french braid. Tip – make sure when you are pulling in pieces for the french braid, that they are all equal sizes! When braiding I made sure to pull everything tightly together! Because I know throughout the day it will fall loose!
After you are done french braiding you can just continue doing a three strand braid. Remember! I added my Luxy Hair Extensions for more fullness and length! I braided the bottom half of the braid more loose. Tip – pull down while you are braiding to make it look like a looser braid. When I am done I secured the braid with a clear elastic. Then carefully took some sections and pulled the braid apart for a fuller look. This is an optional step. Here is the braid after I pulled it apart! The finished look! Thank-you all so much for reading! xoxo If you recreate this look be sure to tag me on instagram! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or requests for future tutorials!

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  • gigi

    Wow! This looks amazing! I am definitely going to try to recreate this beautiful hairstyle. I am very curious, how do you keep your hair so healthy? Do you use heat protection?
    I am always afraid of using any heat on my hair except the blow dryer as I damaged my hair once and it took SO LONG to recover!


  • Kassandra

    Thank-you so much!
    I use coconut oil weekly!


  • Priti S

    Wow, this is clever. I know you say it’s easy but I have a feeling you are still very skilled at this! It looks like the queen or princess from Frozen, you know the blond one?

  • Vanessa David

    Looking great work dear, I really appreciated to you on this quality work.
    I’m definitely planning to recreate this stunning hairstyle. I’m curious about how do you ensure your hair stays well-maintained? Do you use heat protection?

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Thanksgiving Braid

By Kassandra Poleshuk


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