Romantic Braids With Scünci

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Lets crown our beautiful locks with romantic braids!

I  am back with another gorgeous DIY styling option to help you always feel your best & look amazing. Collaborating with Scunci to help you get that beautiful look you’ve always wanted. Read the steps below and then let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Scünci Products 

Luxy Hair Extensions

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Dress >> Windsor Store

Read the steps below  –>>

For this look I have used these products from Scünci Products

Starting this look with waves created from a 2 inch curling wand.

Grabbing a one inch section of hair and creating a three stand braid

Next using Scünci hair elastics to keep my braids in place.

Then adding a second braid beside my other braid.

I did the exact same steps on the left side of my head, so I have a total of 4 braids.

I’ve also pulled the braids apart a little for a fuller look.

Im starting here by taking one braid across and pinning it in to place.

Then doing the same with the second braid. Make sure to use as many pins as you want!

Going to the other side and repeating the same step, grabbing the hair on this side will help hide the ends of the other braids.

Making sure you hide pins and ends of the braids with other braids.

Final step is to brush through and tangles. Scünci Products

Here is the completed look

Thanks for reading xo

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Romantic Braids With Scünci

By Kassandra Poleshuk