Messy Bun

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To my sixth hair tutorial of the month!!! This tutorial is super simple, I broke it down to 4 easy steps! I did it on my friends hair so you can see how it looks with darker and thicker hair! Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

p.s – I will be sharing your re-creations on my Instagram story! Just simply tag me – @kassinka


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[korra_rich_image image=”|564|564″]

Model: Anabel belsch



Start with second day curls and big loose waves!

We used a 1 1/4 inch curling wand from T3 Micro.

Next gather all the hair in to a low ponytail.

And secure it with a thick elastic.

Also after you have secured the ponytail, bring out some face framing pieces.

Touch up the curls of these pieces with the same curling wand.

Pull the ponytail tight to create more volume at the crown.

Next take the ponytail and loop it through to make the base of the bun.

The take some bobby pins and twist the hair around to fan it out and pin it in place.

The more bobby pins the better.

The finished look!

Thank-you so much for reading



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Messy Bun

By Kassandra Poleshuk