Holiday Party Hair Tutorial

Holiday party hair tutorial!
Honestly the right hairstyle makes your look feel complete, so I  am back with another gorgeous styling option to help you always feel your best for that special night!

Read the steps below and then let me know in the comments which hairstyle you’d like to see next?

Dress >> Windsor Store

Kassinka Holiday Pary Hair Tutorial

Enjoy –>>



Start with your hair freshly combed.


Then tie off sections with some elastics, the more sections – the more braid buns.


Braid each section, I alternated between a fishtail braid & three-strand braid.


It’s optional to pull apart all the braids, I did it for a fuller look & it helps make the buns look like flowers.

kassinka-tutorial copy

Next I took each braid and started pinning them in to messy buns with bobby pins.


Here is the completed look all pinned up!

Thanks for reading



  • Carmen
    4 years ago

    I really love all of your hair do ideas! They are fun, easy and beautiful! Thank you for making my life much easier and prettier.

  • Kassandra
    4 years ago

    Aweh! Thanks & your welcome!!!

  • 4 years ago

    this is gorgeous! i chopped all my hair a few months ago and im slowly regretting it!


  • Kassandra
    4 years ago

    Thanks! xo

  • 4 years ago

    Great idea.just wished I could make this hair is very long.i get mad so gas about my hair

  • Maya
    4 years ago

    this so gorgeous! and i love your dress where is it from?

  • Kassandra
    4 years ago
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  • 3 years ago

    OMG i love the snow on the page=) Ans your Tutorials are the best anyway! xoxo

  • Kassandra
    3 years ago

    Aweh thanks!

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  • Jarina
    3 years ago

    I love this look! I tried this myself but had difficulties with keeping all the messy buns in place: they started sagging down and so did the entire updo. I couldn’t seem to keep the bobby pins in place. Do you have any advice for me? My hair is the same length as the model’s.

  • Kassandra
    3 years ago

    I would try doing tighter braids, using hairspray and making sure I anchor the bobby pins in an X so they don’t move. I would also carry extra bobby pins around during the day to fix up any parts that come loose. Hope this helps

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