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Holiday Hairstyle with John Frieda

I am working with John Frieda Canada for this tutorial. We all love our bright blonde colour, but it’s really hard to maintain blonde perfection all the time. Sometimes your hair looks damaged, flat and unhealthy. I want to share with you that you can revive the look and feel of colour damaged hair, while protecting your colour at home, in your shower, with the John Frieda® Sheer Blonde® Hi-Impact Shampoo and Conditioner.

  • Shampoo rejuvenates blonde hair’s healthy, vivid hues
  • Conditioner moisturizes and repairs damaged hair to restore vibrancy to distressed strands to reveal your bright blonde!
  • Safe for use on natural or colour-treated hair, as well as highlights and lowlights.

Freshen your locks for the new season with this tutorial that is perfect for all the holiday parties coming around the corner! I personally loved how I felt my hair becoming smoother in the shower. I also found that by using the whole collection my hair feels softer and healthier!

 Follow the full tutorial below ⇢ Before. In the shower I washed my hair with John Frieda® Sheer Blonde® Hi-impact shampoo and conditioner. Before blow drying I let my hair dry about 70% so I don’t draw any moisture out! Following up with a quick blow dry on the ends of my hair. Next I am going to take big sections and curl them to create a soft wavy texture. To lock everything in I am going to use John Frieda Sheer Blonde Hi-Impact Restoring Oil Elixir. I use around 4 pumps for my hair.I make sure to focus the product on the ends to create a sheer shine to the waves. Next I am going to be doing a 3 strand braid. Making it loose so I can pull it apart after.
I secure the ends with a clear elastic. After that I am going to be pulling apart the braid until I get the desired look! Then grabbing a section to tie up half of my hair. Making a messy bun.
I wanted this look to be messy with shiny hair.Adjust the style until its what you want. After! I am adding this hair piece for a final touch. This post was created in partnership with John Frieda Canada but the images and opinions are my own.


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