Half-up Twists Tutorial For Short Hair

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Introducing hair tutorials for shorter hair!

Bohemian braids and twists have influenced many of my hair tutorials, I love the carefree and messy vibes. This tutorial creates an effortless look great for an evening out or any occasion. Follow this tutorial below to learn how to make simple twists! – video coming soon!

MODEL ~ Janna Yaromich

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Follow the full tutorial below ♥ →


For this tutorial, prep the hair with second day loose curls and texture spray.


Grab two sections of hair right above the ear and tie it up with an elastic.


Then taking another two sections of hair above the ear on either side – loop these pieces once around the hair you just tied off. Its okay to leave them looped without being pinned, i recommend using hairspray to keep in place.


Lastly, repeat the last step by taking another section of hair from either side and looping it around once.


Finish the look off with some hairspray and a light tease. If needed because of short layers – feel free to pin anything down.

Thanks for reading xo

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HOLIDAY HAIR TUTORIALS Welcome, To my third hair tutorial of the month!!! This tutorial is super simple, I broke it down

Half-up Twists Tutorial For Short Hair

By Kassandra Poleshuk


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