Half-up Pull Through Braid Hair Tutorial

Your hair is your best accessory.

I  am back with another gorgeous simple styling option to help you always feel your best & look amazing. Read the steps below and then let me know in the comments which hairstyle you’d like to see next?

Luxy Hair Extensions

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Follow the full tutorial below <3

Kassinka-Half-UpStaring with my hair half up just with a black elastic & my full set of Luxy Hair ExtensionsKassinka-Tutorial-Luxy-HairI added two tight three stand braids from the side.Kassinka-Hair-TutorialTaking these braids I wrapped them around my ponytail & pinned it in place underneath.
Kassinka-Half-Up-Hair-TutorialJust something simple to hide the elastic!Kassinka-Pull-Through-BraidThen with the hair gathered in my ponytail I started a pull through braid by splitting the ponytail in half then taking the bottom section and splitting it in half again and wrapping it around the front and secured with a elastic.Kassinka-Pull-Through-Braid-TutorialHonestly its super simple & I am currently working on a video to help explain!KassinkaThanks for reading xox


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  1. Absolutely amazing hairstyle!! Love your hair and thank you for creating this pretty hairstyle!!:) xoxo

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