Half-Up Flower Braid

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Bohemian styles have influenced many of my hair tutorials, I love the carefree and messy vibes. This tutorial creates an effortless look great for an evening out or any occasion. Follow this tutorial below to learn how to make simple these simple braids!



Follow the full tutorial below ➷


Hair prep: Start with freshly washed and air dried hair, then straighten to reduce frizziness and create a smooth texture, lastly curl with a 1 1/2 curling wand.Next grab a one inch section above your ear and braid a loose three strand braid, then secure with an elastic.Repeat the same steps on the other side.
You should now have two braids, an optional step you can do is pull them apart to loosen up the braid and make it appear fuller.Gather the hair, and comb it flat so there are no fly aways, then slightly twist it. Next you want to secure it with as many bobby pins as you need.Next, take the first braid and pull it to the back and twist the end of the braid in to a circle. Pin the ends with bobby pins right above the twist you just formed.Make sure the braid lies flat and covers up the twist, also use hairspray to help hold it in place.
Repeat the same steps on the other side.As a finishing touch grab a section on hair beside the twists and braid it loosely.Then take the braid and roll is in too a circle and pin it downTo finish off the flower, gently fan out certain pieces with your fingers until you get the desired look. Then lock it down with hairspray.


Thank-you so much for reading



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  • Nuha

    Thank you so much for these amazing styles and they are very easy to do.

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Half-Up Flower Braid

By Kassandra Poleshuk


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