Half-up Boho Braids ┊ Hair Tutorial


The right hairstyle is like the crown jewel of an outfit.
Without one, your look feels incomplete, I  back with another gorgeous styling option to help you always feel your best!

Read the steps below and then let me know in the comments which hairstyle you’d like to see next?

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First I started off with two braids, note – one is slightly bigger than the other & each braid has been pulled apart to give a fuller effect.


And just to let you know I curled my hair with a two inch wand to achieve these waves!


The base of this hairstyle is created by pinning your hair half-up and secured with two bobby pins.


Then taking the bigger braid I pin it over my other bobby pins then tuck the end of the braid under my hair on the left side.


I also took the time to pin the braid down in other spots with bobby pins as well.


Next you wanna take the smaller braid and pin it higher over the other braid.


Here I have added an even smaller braid & pinned it the same way so in the end we have three different size braids.

Here is a close-up of the finished look!


Thank-you for reading! xox

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  9. What does the left side look like? I never know how to hide the ends of my braids. My hair is down to my tail bone, so I can’t just tuck in the ends. :\

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    I am tucking the hair behind the other braids, so in your case I would not braid all the way to the bottom of your hair and when you are tucking it in have the rest of the hair come out underneath, it might look like a mini layer but it will help!

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  19. Such gorgeous hair! How can I get my braids to look more loose or more soft even?? Because I will kinda almost “pull apart” my braids, but that doesn’t seem to work

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    Thanks! & try using a combination of hair oil then texture spray before braiding, then slowly in a pinching motion start pulling apart sections just on the outside of the braid. Hope this helps 🙂 Let me know

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