Hair Brush Guide

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When it comes to hairbrushes I believe — we don’t give them enough attention. Investing in the right brushes is just as important as the right hair products. The right brushes can cut down your styling time and help your hair grow longer and stronger. Read below for everything you need to know to brush up on your hair-brush knowledge!



Professional Products — Professional Results


KareCo International, Inc. offers the professional stylist a complete line of hair brushes. They are dedicated to providing the salon industry with the highest quality products available.


Paddle Brush

Square Paddle Brush. Perfect for thicker hair, these brushes can be used for detangling wet hair. The structure and style of this brush will help detangle hair with minimal damage.

• Heat-resistant, nylon ball-tip bristles.
• Wide, flat platform controls sections.
• Soft cushion base massages as you brush.
• Scalp Stimulation.


Tangle Comb

Wide-Tooth Comb.  Use to detangle wet hair this comb will prevent damaging wet hair. The wide-tooth comb is for every hair type. Also can be used for distributing conditioner or applying color through the hair. Make sure to start at the bottom and make your way up to the top to avoid breakage.

• Wide tooth style protects from snags and pulls.
• Non-slip handle provides superior control.


Tangle Brush

Wet or Dry Detangler.  Detangle, smooth and shape large sections of heavy, thick and long hair with our large flow-through brush.  Ideal for detangling children’s hair.

• Flexible Paddle Brush.
• Snag & Tangle Free Non-slip handle provides superior control.
• Easy Glide brushing.


Vent Brush

No snag tips and vented core allow you to quickly dry, untangle and volumize the hair. Best on Medium to fine hair types.

• anti-static.
• Heat-resistant, nylon ball-tipped bristles.
• Double vented core speeds drying time.


Oval Vent Brush

Style and smooth your client’s thick and curly tresses with our popular 2-sided Oval Vent Brush.  Roll from ball-tipped to boar side to achieve super straightening!

• Heat-resistant, nylon ball-tip bristles on one side.
• 100% boar bristles on the other.
• Double vented core speeds drying time.


Styling Brush

This popular 9-row style brush gives you the right amount of control for sculpting, backcombing or simply styling, in detail this brush helps evenly distribute product through hair, and smoothing over after you’ve styled your hair.

• Heat-resistant, nylon ball-tip bristles
• Removable, chemical-resistant, soft rubber base.
• Add volume with a little teasing.

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Hair Brush Guide

By Kassandra Poleshuk


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