Effortless Blow Out Hair Tutorial

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The secret to expensive looking hair is all in a good blow out!  

I  am back with another gorgeous DIY styling option to help you always feel your best & look amazing. Read the steps below and then let me know in the comments which hairstyle you’d like to see next?

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Follow the tutorial below in full detail >>


Here is a quick photo showing all the tools I used to create this look! Blow Dryer: HEREKassinka-Hair-TutorialStarting with clean hair
Kassinka-quick-blow-out-tutorial I am adding a blow drying spray to help with volume & keep it shiny from BriogeoTEST5 Next you want to section your hair off in as many sections you feel comfortable with, I love working with smaller ones so I can control everything.
Kassinka-how-to-use-a-blow-dryerThen I stated blow drying the front of my hair
Kassinka-how-to-get-more-volumeMake sure your lift from the root, thats how you can create volume. It also important that you keep your brush horizontally for maximum impact.
Kassinka-simpe-ways-to-get-more-volume Wrap your hair around the brush & heat at the roots first for a couple of seconds then work on the rest
Kassinka-how-to-get-fuller-hairThis is a tip I learn from Dry Bar – you want to twist your hair off the brush to create a fluffy effect, I feel like it teases the hair a little to add even more volume!Kassinka-blow-dryer-hair-tutorialOnce you are finished on the top of your head you want to move to the sides and repeat the same steps but making sure your keep the brush vertical and wrapping the hair away from your faceKassinka-blow-out-hair-tutorialFinish the ends of with a nice curlKassinka-how-to-get-fluffy-hairto create this I re-wrapped my hair around the brush neatly then twisted & pulled downKassinka-how-to-use-hairsprayWhen I curled each section I wrapped it around a roller to cool & set. Finishing off with a light coat of hairspray.Kassinka-blow-outOnce the rollers have cooled I took them out and shook my head and lightly combed it with my fingers!

Hope this helped!!!
Thanks for reading

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Effortless Blow Out Hair Tutorial

By Kassandra Poleshuk


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