Double Half-up Braid on Medium Thick Hair

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Introducing hair tutorials for thicker hair!

Braids can help complete your look for any style, from casual to chic and classic. The possibilities are endless with braids, they are versatile for various lengths of hair. If you have medium thick hair then this style is perfect for you because your hair is the most easy to manage and has plenty of movement. It responds well and can hold a braid together. Follow this tutorial below to learn how to make these braids! – video coming soon!

MODEL ~ Natasha Boutmertchouk

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Follow the full tutorial below ♥ →


Starting off with natural hair, this little wave is caused by her long layers. I love the way it flips out a little at the ends.


Secondly form two braids on either side right above the ear, you want to braid them loosely so its easy to pull them apart after.


Gently pull apart the braids, just enough to add some volume and a boho look.


Gather two of the braid together and form another 3 stand braid, this style is easiest for someone else to do it on you.


Gently pull apart this braid to your desired thickness and then secure the bottom with a black elastic.


Then gather the other two braids and connect them a little higher on the other side with a 3 strand braid as well.


Lastly you want to pull apart this braid too, to get the complete boho vibes. At this point its also import to take any bobby pins and secure and loose parts.


Here is the final look!


Thanks for reading xo

Comments: 5

  • Alana

    This looks awesome! So glad you’ve got one for thicker hair, I can never get my braids to sit right for some tutorials… ❤️

  • Kassandra

    Happy to help <3

  • Lorrie

    Stay with this guys, you’re hepnlig a lot of people.

  • Arielle

    Love this hairstyle, thx for doing hairstyles with that lenght of hair!


  • Kassandra

    Your Welcome! So glad I could help 🙂

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This simple style takes the standard braid look to something that will stand out. With a few easy-to-master steps and a

Double Half-up Braid on Medium Thick Hair

By Kassandra Poleshuk


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