Double Braid

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To my second hair tutorial of the month!!! This tutorial is super simple, I broke it down to 4 easy steps! I did it on my friends hair so you can see how it looks with darker and thicker hair! Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

p.s – I will be sharing your re-creations on my Instagram story! Just simply tag me – @kassinka



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[korra_rich_image image=”|564|564″]

Model: Cecilia Rahoerason >> Link


We started off this tutorial with clipping in some hair extensions & curling her hair with a 2 inch wand. I also slightly brushed through the curls.

First, grab about a three inch section at the top of your head. Starting on one side.

Then split this section in to 3 and braid a dutch braid. Keep the braid more loose so it’s easier to pull apart & don’t add too much hair to it so it’s not massive.

Once the one side is braided, start doing the same braid on the other side. You also want to stop braiding about half way down your head. To create that cute look!

Just a close-up to better understand the braid!

This is how your two braids should look. I also secured them with a clear elastic.

Make sure you also braid in a downward motion so its looser and less bulky of a braid.

To finish the ends off, I took a small thin section of hair and wrapped it around the elastic. I then took a bobby pin and slide it down the ends and made sure it was attached to the elastic for grip. I love this step cause it polishes the braid off!

Next I took sections and pulled it apart, in a pinching motion. This gave the braid a more relaxed feel.

The finished look!!!

Please let me know if you have any questions or hair tutorial requests!

If you recreate this look, just tag me and I will be re-posting them on my Instagram Story.

Thank-you so much for reading!



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Double Braid

By Kassandra Poleshuk