How to wake-up with bed-head hair

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  1. Curl hair before bed with a one and a half curling wand – or 2 inches for bigger waves.
  2. Curl each hair section in a different direction.
  3. After curling your hair do not comb out the waves for a slightly piecer look.
  4. Do not pile on any shine or oil based products because you want your hair to pick up more texture over the night tossing around the pillow, if anything add moose to your hair before curling.
  5. Sleep with a cotton pillow case.
  6. Sometimes adding a texture spray helps if you have really smooth hair.
  7. For me I get the best results when I don’t tie my hair up at night, letting my hair tangle and be free helps my fine hair get more volume

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  • Amber Lee Tucker

    Amazing! !! I am so in love with ALL your hairstyles and ideas! Too bad I can’t do them myself…not coordinated enough!
    Keep up the good work! I will be watching for more! thanks, again!
    –Amber Lee Tucker

  • Kassandra

    Thank-you for your kind words!

  • Aleena

    Amazing!!! In love with you babe!!! Also subscribed to your YouTube channel…

  • Kassandra



    Thanks for the interesting blog post! I have already read your
    blog site every so often for a couple of months, and keep
    finding myself coming back. I really hope you
    will not mind, but I have used a bit of exactly what you explained on my web blog and have certainly credited you of course.
    I likewise published this blog post on my Facebook page and
    even my viewers enjoyed it. Many thanks again!

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How to wake-up with bed-head hair

By Kassandra Poleshuk


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