7 Tips For Straightening Hair

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Straight Hair For Days..

I have mostly love but sometimes hate relationship with flat irons. Its sometimes very hard to get smooth silky straight strands, here are some important tips to help you achieve the look you want — aka, attaining sleek, frizz-free style!

  1. Your hair can burn at 451°F just like paper. The highest temperature that you should use your flat iron on is 365°F. If you have fine hair, it should be around 300 and 325 degrees.
  2. Flat-iron your hair up and toward the ceiling to get volume around the crown of your head.
  3.  Always use heat protection – like a spray or you can use coconut oil.
  4.  Brush your hair before you start.
  5.  Condition your hair when in the wash, the conditioner with thicken your strands just a bit and help prevent frizz.
  6. Section hair off, so you have more control, its best to straighten hair in one stroke.
  7. Finish off with a shine spray after your hair has cooled off, this will soften the hair & act like water to your stands.

FLAT IRON – Diamond Hair Styler

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7 Tips For Straightening Hair

By Kassandra Poleshuk


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