Letter from Kas <3



Dear followers,

Welcome to the new Kassinka! This new layout represents perfectly the state of mind that I’m in, it couldn’t be more timeless. I wanted something that is more editorial rather than a typical blog structure. It is important to me that the design highlights Kassinka in the simplest way. I have also added a weekly newsletter for you! Seeing Kassinka grow and evolve from the inside is truly amazing, I wouldn’t be were I am today without everyone who has helped me! Thank-you!

I will also be introducing Kassinka’s very own journalist for the up-and-coming posts & collaborations << more information will be posted on my “about” page

& many new shoots with Anzhelika Gekkelman Photography

If you don’t know already – i’d like to share that I am a christian, I have given my whole life to God. I also have a deep desired to share the word of God through the gifts he has blessed me with. Wether is be through video or photography, but everything I do is a gift back to God <3







Vancouver Fashion Week F/W 2015 Day Two

For my final day at Fashion Week I designed this entire look! I wanted a whimsical feel to my style & so I chose to work with sheer and metallic fabrics to pull this look together.

I really did enjoy my time at Fashion Week this season, I always learn to much each time I go. The first day of VFW (Vancouver Fashion Week) is always the busiest night, it is so crowded and you really have to learn to survive the chaos. But besides that I really love the environment and seeing what the designers have in store for this season. Before the shows start I had a chance to check out the backstage area, I got to see models getting make-up & hair done and also racks on top of racks full of cloths for the show. Personally this is my favorite part to capture during VFW because it is something that not everyone sees! So my goal is to capture it in a artist way cause everyone dose the perfect interviews and photos. I will be sharing a youtube video of my experience this season at VFW!









Vancouver Fashion Week F/W 2015 Day One



Honestly Vancouver Fashion Week is just like a fashion night out with friends, but I am still glad to be apart of it! I hope one day I can experience New York Fashion week though.

I made this dress! I wanted to play with embellished sleeves & this sweater material is perfect for a cool spring day. I look forward to enjoying another day of Fashion Week tomorrow & at the end of it all I will be sharing a Youtube video of everything I saw <3





Photo 2015-03-16, 6 57 36 PM


Dream on Dreamer



It feels like Kassinka has been apart of my life forever! I started my own website when I was around 15 and I was always fascinated by fashion. This space has developed into something amazing, I took to time to learn website design to produce this platform and I am truly grateful with everything I have in my life. Growing up with Kassinka it has been my creative outlet that I filled with my passions ever since it started. I know that I am not very constant with posts, I read other fashion blogs daily and follow their success & dream of a day were I can be there. It would be a dream come true to travel the world and explore fashion. With my schooling finishing up I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a minor in Fashion Design & Photography so I am putting this knowledge under my belt and going to impact the world!

Because if your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough! I want to incorporate my Savour Jesus Christ also into Kassinka, to share my beliefs with you and inspire you in life <3

But with all this in mind I want Kassinka to shine on & be true to itself. Fashion & faith is a big part of my life and at the end of the day I want meaningful content that I am proud of. This journey is once in a life time and I am happy to share it with the world! Be blessed