Denim Dress

This denim dress has oversized sleeves that create a delicate almost 80’s inspired look that falls so beautifully and has a dreamy silhouette.

Since the 1950s, America produced the highest-quality denim. With traditional looms, but, it took longer to produced and made fewer batches. Eventually denim-makers soon changed to modern equipment, replaced real indigo with synthetic dye and began pre-washing fabric. It was cheaper and mostly produced thinner quality denim. This dress holds these facts but it is also mixed with stretch fabrics that makes it more comfortable for everyday wear rather than stiff denim.

Dress >> Windsor Store

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Boho 4 Fall

Fall – one of the most beautiful seasons of all is starting soon!

I love how big the bohemian trend is this year because of music festivals and celebrities, and even though summer is coming to an end I think we should carry the trend on. I have selected these gorgeous boho maxi dresses from Zaful, I love these dresses because they can be styled with rustic booties and cascading jewels for an effortless look. 

Most of these dresses have a free spirited vibe that is popular among higher-end brands, when I was shopping around online I realized to get this look I would have to really invested my money but in Zaful’s Bohemian Dresses Collection they have styles that are more affordable! 

Why not style bohemian all year long? zaful-kassinka

Dress Onezaful-kassinka-dresses

Dress Twozaful-boho

Dress Threekassinka-zaful

Dress Fourzaful-fashion

Dress Five